K-EA where it start.

Our mission is to create a fun and welcoming environment for our clients.

K-EA means Korean Tea.

in 2022 we open our first Korean Korean cafe in Rotterdam as the first and only Korean cafe in Netherland.Not only serves drinks, but offers merchandising such as clothing, skin care products, candles, stationary items and more. Furthermore there will be events organised by K-EA to bring the Korean lifestyle fans together.

As the fan grow, we need to find a way for international clients, k-pop fan can find us and join. www.k-eastore.com is launch! and hope to bring more to the K-culture in Netheland and Benelux.

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K-EA, Your Ultimate Destination for K-Pop Bliss

Check out our K-pop event agenda. Join the happy day with all other fan s of your bias, get freebies and more.

Golden (1st Solo Album) by K-Ea



Shop K-pop album online has never been so easy! As a K-pop Shop K-EA offers you all the k-pop CDs, album, merchandises and much more . Besides the latest pre-order albums, you can also find fan made merchandise, posters of the most popular K-Pop groups. All our albums are imported directly from Korea and shipped from Netherland, EU.

Drinks By K-Ea Cafe Rotterdam

Your K-Pop Haven in Rotterdam

K-EA, Bringing Korea's Finest to You. Vist our cafe corner in Rotterdam for more.

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